Meet Larry the Lemur


Hand Hygiene for Schools & Nurseries

Every year, millions of school days are lost due to illness. It is estimated that a great number of these days could be reduced if children washed their hands regularly.

Therefore, it is imperative to educate children from a young age on the importance of adopting good hand hygiene practices in order to keep both themselves and others healthy.

Effective hand hygiene can help to prevent the spread of germs that cause common illnesses, such as colds and tummy bugs, from home to school and back again.

Larry helps children learn about the importance of hand hygiene and how to wash their hands properly.

Why work with Larry?

Larry offers his soap dispensers free to the education sector when buying his soap cartridges which are sealed for a hygienic solution and are quick and easy to replace and install. They are incredibly cost effective.

One of Larry’s team will visit the school with a free presentation pack on the benefits of hand hygiene for children.

In the vast majority of cases schools have saved money when improving hygiene!

Larry offers a full range of washroom consumables as well as sanitisers for the site manager that can be used around the entire school. In fact the whole range is designed specifically for school use. Health & Safety chemical awareness training for school staff is offered free of charge.

Larry’s range includes products that are effective against Norovirus, Influenza and MRSA.

Larry the Lemur’s dispenser is free to schools.

A lotion soap which gives 1000 hand washes costs £5.50 and a foam soap which offers 1429 hand washes is £6.35!

Contact Larry’s troop on 0800 8 560 460 for more information or click here to see the products